Wednesday, February 28, 2007


its time for me to strategize a bit to get the things i wanted. for once, i now understand the meaning of office politics. the things ppl do to reach their goals. certain ways and means that are not illegal in order to achieve seomething. some ppl might hate me for doing this; i noticed. but i dont think im doing anything wrong here. coincidently the opportunity came right before my eyes at the most suitable time. any sane person wouldve grab the opportunity or otherwise he/she will be one sorry ass for the rest of his/her life. im just taking a shot at it. if its meant to be, it is. if its not, then ill just get on doing business as usual.

ive always been wondering, how on earth do people know what they want in life, career wise. setting a goal to reach at a certain stage of their lives and work towards the goal. im think myself more of a drifter. i go with the flow. i dont mind where my career is taking me cos as far as im concerned, its being managed by somebody else; and more importantly im getting paid for it. it works for me in the past few years. not until recently. now, dont get me wrong. this does not mean that i now finally know what i want to do or be in the next few years time. i have just discovered what i DO NOT want to do. haha. thus making things more clearer for me to strategize.

well, i hope at least things would turn to be for the better. regardless of the outcome of my strategy. maybe, if i fail, ill learn to accept things and relax a bit. i think im pushing myself too hard and stress is so not good for my complexion.. hahaha..

am keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best! ganbate!

Monday, February 26, 2007


this is my 1st xtvt during last wiken... iaitu bertandang ke mambau for mam's engagement ceremony.. only 3 of us were representing the milah clan as the rest couldnt make it.. i didnt manage to take some shots of the hantaran though due to some technical error.. we arrived there around 1.30 and it was raining heavily. we were shocked to see a few canopies in the yard and so many ppl sampi tertinggal kamera dlm keta. hehe. leh kata ala2 kenduri kawen lah.. meghiahh.. hehhee.. anyways, mam was georgeous in the lime green baju ala2 kebaya.. the make up was also pretty and it looked good in camera... see for urself... food was also good and so banyak kuih muih yang aku sukes... nak pilih pon ssh because i practically love everything served on the table.. we lepak2 and borak2 about all sorts of stuffs (quite a vast extent of topics were covered. but in conclusion, i guess generally milahs are heading towards the direction. we have just realized the importance of being prudent.. hahahaha.. cos apparently, there are more to life than berpoya-poya disamping membeli barang2 yg menggembirakan hati sndiri.. haha).

around 4 and we went back. i brought the girls on a mission and after that we headed to our next activity which is sightseeing to pjaya. we stopped by at the niagaraFalls(not) in pjya.. didnt take that many picture oso cos the weather was not quite accomodating..

to be continued.. (kalau rajinlah that is.. :D)

Sunday, February 25, 2007


within 2 days i went to a lot of places, doing a lot of things.. huh... kesimpulan yang aku dapat, 2 hari cuti dalam seminggu mmg amat2 tidak cukup. huwaaa... barely had a chance to rest since yesterday morning.. anyways, here a sneak preview of this weekends xtvt. as usual, other pics will come later. chiao.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


im totally bummed that the cny break is over. oh how i despise dragging my ass to work everyday. u just cant imagine. hate it, hate it, hate it!

Monday, February 19, 2007


im soo in the mood to watch tv right now but unfortunately theres nothing interesting to watch on air.... not a single program! bahh.. so darn frustrating. im bored outta my skull right now.. i certainly have loads of work to do (theres a pile of work i brought home from my office to be finished during this hols) but im like, naaahhh.. ive done some this afternoon but i dont feel like continuing tonight.. i have a few dvds to watch, but my stupid laptop dah tak boleh digunakan untuk itu. i think theres something wrong somewhere.. hard disk? ram? dvd rom? motherboard? who knows?? arghh.. talking about this never fails to make me angry.. sentappp ok.. barely 1 yr and its falling apart.. to u guys out there, NEVER EVER buy acerLptops ya.. so unreliable, so not robust.. but ill have to bear with it lah. menggunakannya dengan penuh kasih sayang.. until and when i can see the $$$$ again, then only i can think of a replacement.. (oh, i can imagine MyFirstVaio, the pink one of course!!) as for now, that is not in question, at all.

oh.. looking at my senseless ramblings anda sekalian wouldve guessed how desperate i am tonight.. hmmmm.. apa nak buat ni?

Sunday, February 18, 2007


the past doesnt die, it kills. true enough.


life has been challenging lately. in all aspects. nothing turns out the way i want it to be. there are times that i feel like bailing out. but i cant stop thinking, is this it? am i calling it quits the second the road gets bumpy? sometimes, no, all the time i think that im not cut to be the person im supposed to be now. i dont know how. i dont lead, i follow. im really good at it i dont know how to be the opposite. darn. i hope this chapter of my life will soon be over. time flies pretty fast lately, and i hope one morning ill wake up smiling cos the worst is over.

on another note, happy CNY to all malaysians.. looks like everybody is heading back to their hometown because of the long break, but ill be here to look after this beloved city of mine.. im raking my brains to think of what to do during this long hols. i hope the malls are open this holiday season or else ill go crazy!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

EYE OF MORDOR... cont.

thought of going there some time later of the year, but was told that the fireworks display would end this month. so i hooked up with a few friends to go and take the ride. despite looking harmless, a ride on a merry go round is quite a scary experience for a scaredy cat like me. i think theres not going to be a second ride for me?? erk.. haha.. i dont know how i came to be so the penakut. i used to love riding the matterhorn (a famous ride located in yaohan (the mall) during the 90s, if anybody remembered). i guess thats the sign of aging. damn, i feel old. : anyway, the ride was ok, but the fireworks are totally cool! i like. but at the back of my mind, i cant stop thinking of the cost that has to be borne by the govtOfMsia to provide such thing for the VMY2007. it mustve been thousands for each night.. well, what the heck, i did enjoyed it nevertheless. and i think others do too. these are some pics. enjoy.

siapa itu?

after the fireworks display ended, we headed to kgBharu to try the ever famous nasiLmkAntrbngsa. everybody tucked in right after the food reaches the table. everybody was super-starved because of the long walk from the car park to the venue (not mentioning hours of time trying to find a carpark as well), 1 hour standing in line, and another hour wait for the fireworks display. the nasiLmk was delish.. compared to the nasiLmkTanglin, this one was wayyy better. i think ill come here again.. no picture of the nasiLmk available sbb dah lapar bangatt. hehehehe.... nyways, here are some pics of the place..

Friday, February 9, 2007


And why'd you say
It's just another day, nothing in my way
I don't wanna go, I don't wanna stay
So there's nothing left to say
And why'd you lie r
When you wanna die, when you hurt inside
Don't know what you lie for anyway
Now there's nothing left to say

For a lonely soul, you're having such a nice time
For a lonely soul, you're having such a nice time
For a lonely soul, it seems to me that you're having such a nice time
You're having such a nice time..


tengah layan album keane skrg. pada asalnya nak layan muse sbb muse nak datang msia. tp tah camna lak leh tersangkut ngan keane. especially this song la. nothing in my way. the album is quite alrite. still havent familiarize myself with the songs, but i think ill get hooked in no time. have been listening to hinder before this and its quite alright la. and also james morrisson. this one u gotta listen to. bes2 lagu dia. he sounds so sexayy.. :D so next in line is corrineBaileyRae.. ill tell y'all what she sounds like when im done.. l8rs!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


it has been 1 1/2 day(s) since the internet connection in my office is down and im going is a fact that the internet connection is one of the 2 things that keeps me sane here in my new office.. its so distressing that i have lost connection to the outside world. hehe. but seriously. i have lots of thing to find out from the net right now. it makes me edgy not having the capability to do so. im so used to having information at my fingertips. i get basically everything from the internet (i think we all do) and a daily dose of the internet is crucial for survival. i do not have enough time to surf at home or ill find myself sleeping way past my bedtime which will result to the danger of not reaching the office in time the next day (they monitor the attendance strictly here. the fact that im the hr manager doesnt help cos my assistant is one heck of an assistance. she is stern.. i so takut.. hehhehhe.. im so not cut to be a boss but thats another thing ill talk about later).

owh.. the internet is up now.. yeay! finally, i can breathe easily.. :D so. problem solved. nak nyelam jap g surf.. :) laters!

Monday, February 5, 2007


god is so kind to me that sometimes i feel guilty and ashamed that i havent been the most obedient servant to Him in the last 20+ years of my life. i remember that as long as i had lived, quite a number of my prayers has been answered. today, i couldnt be more greatful as what i have been wishing so hard for the past few weeks has been granted.. one heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders and it feels good to stand straight once again. its about something at work. i lost something very important the very first day that thing was put under my so call safeguard.. its nothing much, but it has bothered me so much to the point that i really drag going to the office every day. and today, that thing came back to me. literally.

its a miracle. i never thought that i wouldve find it again as it has been weeks since ive been searching for it.i thank you god for that miracle and everything that you have given me.

Friday, February 2, 2007


right now im chilling alone @ home. home sweet home... mom and dad are away for the weekend.. :D and no, i do not have parti buih in mind. hehe. i can only count the days in a year where i get the chance to just laze around all nite in front of the tv doing nothing.. i just had a bowl of instant noodle in front of the tv and im now surfing the channel for anything interesting on tv.. i dont care that the house is in a complete mess, that there are heaps of dirty clothes to be washed, or the piles of dishes in the sink.. heaven~~

man. i can stay like this forever..

Thursday, February 1, 2007


gamba sekadar hiasan ye kwn2.
tiada kaitan antara yg hdp dan yg mati.

vavis. aku baru taip pnjg2 tiba hilang. terus takde mood aku nak tulis. mcm si*l. so kesimpulan dari apa aku nak tulis adalah spt berikut:

- pegi mkn nsi lmk tnglin pagi ni ngn nghl

- dah lama plan, tp psl ahkak2 ni bz katanya, so byk kali x jadi

- aku amik nsi lmk paru, nghl amik aym

- tak sedap sgt pun

- sambal tak power, paru tak fresh, takde telur rebus

- takleh masuk kategori nasi lemak sebnr

- sedap lagi nasi lmk kat bawh rumah aku tu

- b*ngang nye wireless bikin aku hangin satu badannnnnn