Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Manly Ferry Ride

One of our most memorable things that we do in Sydney was our travel to Manly Island. To me, this is the highlight of the trip. We took the ferry to Manly island. There are a number of  types of ferry to go to Manly Island. Among it is the Manly Fast Ferry (Circular Quay, No. 6 Wharf) which will take 20 minutes to reach Manly and the Sydney Ferry (Circular Quay, No. 3 Wharf) which will take 30 mins. Not much difference.  
Because we were using the My Multi Pass 3, we didnt know how much it costed to go to Manly Island. On a side note, it was not worth to buy the 61AUD MyMulti3 for us as we didnt really get to use the pass. The original plan was to go to Blue Mountain but we didn't get to go because it was raining the whole day on the day we were supposed to go there. We walked a lot as our hotel is very near to all attractions. We even walked from Circular Quay to the hotel! So, if your visit is confined to the city, you don't really need the MyMulti IMHO. 

Back to the Manly Boat trip. As I have mentioned before, after the Langkawi boat ride incident last year, I'm really nervous about boat rides and try to avoid them as I possibly can. However, reading the reviews about the Manly Island boat trip on TripAdvisor, etc, Im compelled to try it. I was quicly relieved when I saw the ferry. It was big and sturdy and stable, so no worries there :) The journey to Manly was smooth and a little bit choppy nearing to Manly. The view is stunning especially the first few minutes leaving the dock as the view of the City and Sydney Opera House bid you farewell.  

Inside the Ferry
Arriving at the Manly Wharf, you will be greeted with a candy stall, which immediately catched Q's attention. So first pitstop, the candy stall. There are also a number of restaurants and right outside is Nandos, which is Halal Certified. So we had an early lunch there. Then, we head to the beach. The walk to the beach was a pleasant one. I just love strolling the area.. The atmosphere is laid back and it feels very good to breathe in the air from the sea. The beach was not too crowded as its the winter season but we did saw people swimming in the sea. 

First pit stop
Manly Wharf

Manly Beach in Winter
Manly Beach in Winter
After we've had enough of the sea, we head back to the Wharf and visit the Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary , since the admission is already included in the Sydney Attractions ticket that we bought. The admission ticket costed AUD63 and include admission fees to Madame Tussauds Sydney + Sydney Aquarium + WILD LIFE Sydney + Sydney Tower Eye + Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary. And we  are proud to say that we get to visit ALL the attractions, which is quite an achievement for us :D So, that was a purchase that was well worth it.  

There's nothing muc in the Sealife Sanctuary. Its a small place compared to the Sydney Aquarium. The area around the Sea Life Sanctuary is VERY VERY windy and were almost blown away :P But weirdly, I liked it:) 

Manly Sea life Sanctuary
It was REALLY windy here

We head back to CBD in the afternoon. The sun was setting and even though its kinda dreary, the sky is still beautiful with a golden horizon. Such a breathtaking view and perfect way to end the day.. 

Sydney CBD in the horizon
Sydney Opera House at dusk