Wednesday, October 3, 2012

City Getaway II

As usual, again we were bored on one weekend and decided to go on another quick city getaway. This time we chose Maya Hotel as the rates for that weekend was quite attractive. We were also excited to check out their hydro pool which was one of the features of the hotel.

Upon arrival, we were upgraded from Studio to deluxe room (if i'm not mistaken) - and the room was hugeee! Totally in love with it for its uniqueness and attention to detail. However, i think they should consider to replace the TVs with a flat screen - then it would be perfect! In terms of service, it was just ok, nothing exceptional there. what i like about the hotel is its unique design and its attention to detail in every corner. its totally different from those boring chain hotel designs. and we also enjoyed the hydro pool very much eventhough its small. the pool was semi indoor and the water temp is regulated. im happy that this time my daugther decided to go in  - i had a hard time trying to get her out of the pool!i regret not bringing the camera down to - so no pics there.. 

pardon me for the poor quality of the pic - its taken with iphone.. this time i am so lazy to lug the bulky camera around with me all the time :P

small entrance, kinda reminds me of the Pan Pacific Hotel in Orchard Rd, Spore

this is the lift floor - it changes everyday!

open air concept

hugeeee room!

very deep bathtub. me likey!

city view

the not so nice view behind the hotel. quite scary stuff...

lazy Satuday...

the cafe

banana fritter - gourmet style

Monday, October 1, 2012

Updates (Or rather lack of)

it has been 2 months since i last wrote in this space. a lot of MAJOR events happening at work since then which i think has more or less affected me not really in a good way. other than the workplace, life has been quite ok. with raya celebration - the festive holiday season, our lil daughter 2nd birthday and all. we also managed to squeeze in a few trips in between. ill try to be more diligent and update on those in a bit. till then, daaa... ;)

teaser :)