Friday, December 7, 2012

Bandung Break

This post is obviously overdue, however, better late then never, kan?? lame, i know. Our trip to Bandung was in September 2012. 

Bandung City from above

We stayed at the Amaroosa Hotel Bandung which was quite near to the Heritage F.O. It was kind of a boutique hotel and the deco is very art deco like, which was nice and out of the norm. Overall our stay in this hotel was ok except for the occasional noise from the downstairs (our room is at level 1) and also mosquitos! The hotel provides free airport transfer which which is very convenient. Heritage F.O. is within walking distance, However, pls take note that there is lack of pedestrian walk and lighting to go there which is kinda dangerous. We would prefer to try other hotels next time around.

Amaroosa Hotel

Our trip to Bandung was focused towards shopping, shopping and more shopping! Indeed Bandung is a shopping heaven as everybody said. Pls be aware to go to only those recommended FOs to avoid buying imitations / non original products. I would personally recommend of course the famous Rumah Mode, Heritage, Summit F.O., Toko Anak Kechil for kids wear and Toko Tiga for original levis jeans. There are a few others which might be ok, but we did not get to go to other places. Also, dont forget to go to Pasar Baru for traditional wears and local tidbits. If possible, especially when you are travelling with your kids, dont go to Pasar Baru on a weekend as it is packed with ppl. If u dont have any choice, its better to start early and be there as soon as the place opens at 9.30-10 am (if im not mistaken). Also take care of ur belongings and be aware of pickpockets. No pics of Pasar Baru as i was too tired to take pics as it was fast becoming crowded and hot coming to noon.


Heritage outside compound

The famous Rumah Mode

Rumah Mode compound

Toko Anak Kechil

Toko Tiga

The loot
Bandung also have a few shopping malls such as Indah Plaza, Chihampelas, Bandung Supermal and Paris Van Java. We only get to go to Paris Van Java - which i supposed is the most famous one. We went there on a working day, so it was not as crowded during the weekends. There was a carrefour supermarket there and we bought a few local tidbits from carrefour which was quite cheap. 

empty on a working day

The original plan was to also go for some sightseeing to Tangkuban Perahu, but the place was closed at that time due to extraordinary volcanic activity - which was related to sulfur gas or something. I was a bit worried about it at that time, but alhamdulillah, nothing else happened during our stay. There are also a few other attractions that we did not get to go because of time constraints such as the saung angklung udjo and kawah putih. Trip to kawah putih will take one whole day as its quite far. Tip: Kawah putih and Tangkuban Perahu will be packed on weekends. we'll check it out next time we come here :)

One more  thing we liked about Bandung is its easy to find Halal food there and the food suits our palate as well, and its reasonably priced. But, bring some of the trustee old kicap kipas udang for ur lil ones as they hardly serve soup with rice here. Most of the dishes are quite spicy and the gravy often are cooked using coconut milk. One of the most famous drink in Bandung is the Alpukat (made of avocado) but unfortunately it does not suit my palate. im unable to get it down my throat as it is too thick for my liking...

Rumah Makan Sederhana - Nasi Padang

Rumah Makan Sederhana outlet near Rumah Mode

Stone Cafe

Set Nasi Timbel Komplit

Es Durian

Ikan Gurame Bakar.. yummm! - Karamba Sundanese Bistro

Karamba Sundanese Bistro

All in all, we loved the trip to Bandung and we will certainly return one day. Just a few tips here, if you plan to go to Bandung, do avoid going there during the Malaysian school holidays or Indonesian school or public holidays as people will be flocking down to Bandung during that time. Getting out of the airport will take longer time up to 1 hour during this time! And also, its more convenient to travel around with a driver / tour guide especially if ur here with ur family.