Thursday, February 14, 2013

KK Trip Part 1: Kundasang

Our first trip of the year was to KK, Sabah. the trip started with the journey to Kundasang. Upon arrival at the airport 9.30 am in the morning (we took the first flight out from KL) we found out at the car rental counter that most sedan cars has been rented out. luckily theres one company had one saga left. however, rental rates at the airport can be quite steep. we got ours (proton saga) for RM168 per day. we found out that car rentals outside the airport (pre booked) only costs RM120/day. there was a minor prob with the car and after it was settled we head out to Kundasang at about 1.00 pm.

ive been to Kundasang once before for our honeymoon and i still remember being amazed by the journey to get there. it was something new that ull never get to experience here in the Peninsular. it was drizzling and supercool that day. remember to bring thick clothes and socks if u intend to spend the night in the highlands especially for ur kids. it can get really cold at night and i dont think there are any accomodations with heaters up there, and the blankets are not that thick either. last time we were here we stayed at the Kinabalu Pine Resort which was one of the most popular resorts in Kundasang. but this time we decided to try somewhere else for a change.

so after careful research, we chose the  Celyn Resort. i was quite nervous as the last leg of the drive to get there involves a gravel road for about 3 km. i was relieved to find out that it was not that bad and well worth it. upon arrival we were upgraded to a bigger room which i was not quite happy about as we had to sacrifice the mount kinabalu view. but nothing can be done as the Kinabalu Wing Rooms are full despite i had made the reservations earlier. the room that we were upgraded to is huge and looked like it was recently renovated, so i was pacified a bit :P..but, if i had my way, id still want the kinabalu wing room.

gravel road leading to the resort

we did not get out from the resort that night as the gravel road leading out to the main road does not have lighting and it can be very dark out there. however, we were just as happy to just chill at the resort at night. id say this place is suitable for nature lovers, as there is practically nothing else to do there except for just hanging out and enjoying mother nature. but i think barbecue can be arranged with the hotel. we had dinner at the resort restaurant and it was quite good - the veges are very fresh and i finished a whole plate of Kailan Ikan Masin on my own :P..

we were lucky to be there during a full moon and the view during our first night there was breathtaking and SURREAL. it feels like we just wanted to be outside the whole night and just soak up the moonlight but it was very cold that night. it was nothing like ive ever experienced before.

hotel lobby

Majestic Mountain
woke up a bit early to get this shot of Mount Kinabalu-the best time to get  a clear view of Mt Kinabalu. its not easy to get a clear view like this as mist /clouds are practically there all day. im not sure if it depends on what season ur there. after bfast, we went to visit the Desa Dairy Farm at Mesilou which is a cattle farm with a concept somewhat like can be found in NZ :) love the view up there and also we get to buy fresh milk from the cafe. check out their location and daily schedule at their FB page


after lunch @ KFC, we head to the Sabah Tea Plantation, which is actually quite a distance from Kundasang Town. odw there youll pass the Ranau Town and the Poring Hot Springs. Other attractions in Kundasang includes the Kudasang War Memorial.

we spent another night at the resort and checked out the next morning to KK.... to be continued.. :)

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Tiffany Teo said...

may i know how long is the journey from airport to kundasang?

i'll be taking 12.45pm flight from KL and may reach KK around 3.30pm. Di you think it is possible to go to kundasang on the day i reach?

msswanz said...

Hi Tiffany.. thx for dropping by.. i cant really remember but if im not mistaken it takes a couple of hours to reach Kundasang if you drive slowly and if there is no traffic jam in KK.. yes, you can reach Kundasang in the same day, but it might be dark when you reach there if you start off late from the airport.. hope this helps..