Tuesday, September 18, 2007


today im not that bored cos i was assigned something that i quite like, that i didnt knew that i liked to do it before.. i was unofficially designated as the writer and editor of my office monthly bulletin.. hohoho.. so now i get the chance to play around with mspublishr.. its such a great tool.. i never realized that its so damn easy to create an impressive newsletter.. aku rasa skang ni ok la kot cos i still dont have much on my plate.. but l8r i dont know la, bila dah bernafas setakat idung tu tak tau la ada masa ke tak lagi nak layan menda2 alah ni... but for now, im quite happy doing it.. i even channged the whole layout.. (previously it was done by my boss).. tak tau la apa komen derang... tak kisah la kena kutuk ke hapa janji aku gumbira.. hu hu hu............

on the of this wiken ill be heading north.. baru la berguna balik enrichCard aku yang dah bersawang tu.. ho ho ho....


Monday, September 17, 2007


yeah, i know im guilty of not updating my blog for the longest time ever...huhuhu... oh well.. im dem bored today and i decided to write down something.. just to kill the time that i had.. and i also had the time to do the tag that i cilok frm blog kakak zrt... saje jess... takdo kojo..


Hoh.. im frickin bored today.. it seems like I have nothing to do since morning. Theres a bit here and there la but I cant do anything till the bosses are back. There are some letters that needs to be sent out urgently…

Anyways, Im killing the time that I have by surfing the net for some recipes… heheh.. a few that I wanted to try out during this fasting month… since we are ‘maidless’ this fasting month, I decided to be the dessert provider.. or otherwise buka puasa will only consists of kurma, air manis and nasik + lauk. B.o.r.i.n.g.

well.. I noticed that a few ppl thot that im hopeless in the kitchen. Well….. I know im not that good la but I sure know my way round there… thing I can say is that don’t judge a book by its cover…. Huhu.. but then I don’t mind that at all… im quite comfortable pretending that I cant tell the difference between a pot and a pan.. like acting dumb and stuffs just to play along.. hehe

i 'ciloked' this tag frm a blog while bloghopping this mornin

five things in my bag

1- wallet
2- pepper spray
3- handphones
4- lipstick & compact
5- keys (house, car,)

five things in my wallet

1- atm card
2- pics
3- JJ Card - hehe
4- licence
5- credit card

five favourite things in my bedroom

1- my bed, my pillows and my comforter
2- altec lansing subwoofer speaker
3- my makeups
4- clothes
5- my bags

five things i wish to do

1- wear pants to work.. huhu (not that I don’t wear anything to work, but we are not allowed to wear pants. Instead we are only allowed to wear skirts and baju kurung..)
2- get rich
3- go for a vacation to europe
4- buy a laptop

5- decorate my own house

five things i am doing right now

1- answering this tag
2- trying to look bz
3- browsing for recipes
4- chatting wit some frends
5- alternating between windows when my bosses walks behind my desk....

im tagging nghl and lla.. hapdet jgn tak hapdet. he he he........

p/s: im leaving u all with this pic.. with a message.. chill~~~~ huhuhu...

panggilan pulau