Friday, February 17, 2012

A Confession

i had to (reluctantly) admit that i do enjoy watching the kardashians.. i watch em all frm the original - the kardashians, kk takes new york and Khloe & Lamar (thanks to the astero pv recorder - i got time :)). i do think they are an interesting lot, but at times i do have a hard time to tell whether if its for real or is it staged just for the show- but i do enjoy watching it nevertheless. here are my 2cents:

1) im amazed at how open they can be.. they seems not to be bothered of the camera following them round 24/7… even in their private bedrooms and also during their visit to their gynecologist! O_O

2) i just cant imagine how can they be their real self in front of the camera. they had to put on make up all the time and be prim and proper. if its the real them on tv, i do think that they are cool for not being menggelabah or a klutz like me at home. and also, the house has to be in order all the time. i think they must’ve had a team of helpers at home.

3) they can be rude to their parents at times. i do pity kris J. however, they do have good values — be grateful for what u have, treat others with respect (except for their mom), work hard to achieve things, etc
4) yes the ladies have their guys on a leash.. they do control them and they can do whatever the hell they want.

5) Kourt is super strong (mentally), Kim is a hopeless romantic and Khlo is v forward and true to herself. at first, at first i thot Kim is the eldest, but actually Kourt is. Kris J and Kim can be v business minded / materialistic.
6) the are very tight knit family and they take care of each other — thats how a family’s supposed to be.

oklah. thats all that i have. bye

Monday, February 13, 2012

and so how it goes..

this is one of the monday mornings that im not feeling well and i dont feel like working at all. in this kind of situation, i always resort to bloghopping just to fill in the hours without doing nothing.

i just spent a couple of hours reading through the pioneer woman's blog. i love to read her blog and i think shes so good at writing. i so wish to be as eloquent as her, but im not. at all. i always have the toughest time to express my views. most of the times, im lost for words just to kick myself later when i realize i should have said this and that, and i hate that feeling. well, this is something for me to work on this year which relates to one of my micro resolution - to be more feisty!

well, back to the pioneer woman. she has this comprehensive blog comprising of cooking, photography, home & garden and also a blog. i have started to read her blog since a few years back and it has grown bigger and she now also has a show on food network (one of my fav channel). the point im trying to make is, how on earth does she have the time doing all that shes doing? she cooks for her family all the time, goes to the ranch, does tv shows, goes on trips, take photos and updates her blog all the time! as for me, as for me i have a 5 day 9-5 job and a hubby + a kid + a cat (yes, the cat is family-- even though i have a love hate relationship with her) and still find it hard to manage to keep the house in order (most of the times is out of order.. huhu). what with the cooking, laundry, cleaning - which consists of dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wiping, & all the mak neneks), and owh the dishes! what more with blogging, photography, working out and stuffs. to manage to do all those stuffs takes a lot of energy.. man.. just thinking about it is exhausting..

yes i know it depends on "rajinness" and im not that rajin of a person. i can only wish. haha. but i think most importantly, it depends on ur physical fitness. which is also something that i need to improve on.. i dont think you can ever achieve doing all of those if ur body says u cant. it does not help when you came back from work exhausted and worst still if it comes with a headache-double whammy. u just want to do what u need to do and be done with it, and quickly go to bed.

and the cycle starts again tomorrow.....
and so how it goes..

Saturday, February 4, 2012