Tuesday, January 31, 2012

could it be?

could this be the day that start blogging again? noooo.. haha.. 
blogging is always a luv n hate affair for me. 
kadang suka kadang tak suka. tp suka akulah kan.... 

on another note, ive just finished reading all my previous post-just to refresh my memories on the past.. and also to make sure that i did not say something foolish masa zaman dolu2 - checked.. hehehe..
to my surprise, im quite consistent, dolu and skarang my values has not changed that much. except for that im in a different phase of life now and i have to accept the fact that i can no longer afford to live like before. 
but thats ok i guess. im adapting to it now.

oklah, i need to balik now.
i planned to balik on time today, but somehow rather got hooked on blogging pulak.