Friday, July 20, 2012


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Taking this opportunity to wish everybody for a blessed Ramadhan Al Mubarak..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trip To BWN

i went on a short business trip to Brunei recently. Not much to tell since it was so short. just enjoy the pics ya..

View of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque from afar

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

View of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque from another angle

The City

Kompleks Yayasan - used to be a popular place but now the crowd has shifted to Times Square

Kompleks Yayasan

Backlane shops

The City



Water taxi stand

Water taxi

Kampung Air

there are lots of textile mall like these in the city - one of the must buy things in Brunei

one of the most popular textile mall

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tranquil morning

the pool


artificial beach

natural beach

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room view

everything about the place was luxurious, except for the breakfast spread which was kinda let down... very limited choices available..

Brunei Airport currently under renovation works

not much duty free excitement here..

Goodbye BWN!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I know this is kinda overdue but what the heck.. during our trip to Seoul last May there were a few things that i noticed while we were there:
  1. There are a lot of groups of elderly people in Seoul as if they were on a field trip 
  2. The elderly has the power to do anything they like
  3. Koreans love kids especially the ahjummas and ajusshis
  4. Young people don't use elevators, its meant for the elderly
  5. Im amazed on how they maintain their city. i once saw an old man literally scrubbing the pavements in myeongdong and an ahjumma scrubbing an escalator at the airport
  6. Stroller is quite unpopular - they usually use baby carriers - but perhaps its because of the places we went

Monday, July 2, 2012

Quicky Getaway

I was bored during one of the weekends not long ago  and suggested to the captain to go for a quick city getaway.. Upon checking, i found a good deal at the Royale Chulan Hotel.. Ive never stayed at this hotel before and after checking out the reviews i decided to give it a try..


 Our journey started with the visit to the Raja Kita Exhibition at the old palace... the exhibition was supposed to end in June but it was extended until the end of the year... 

father and daughter

kids running about

royal compound

im a bit sceptical on this one.....

After that we had lunch at Tupai-Tupai which was just nearby.. no piccies as we were famished.. food was good but a bit on the pricey side..

ok they keep animals here, which is kinda creepy

Then we proceeded to the hotel.. The hotel was really grand and for the price we pay its really worth it even though breakfast was not included... From what i read, the breakfast spread is really good but it will set you back at the cost of rm70++ bucks per person.. The room was spacious and LOVE the bed as it was HUGE and just nice for the three of us.. However, the service was just average and we do not see much smiling face there.. There was also a wedding there that nite and there was quite a commotion.. The wedding venue is really nice and grand, dont know which datuk's son/daughters wedding that nite..

After checkin in we just hang out in the room.. We wanted to walk to pavilion but it rained late in the afternoon, of all days,  y la today?... So we took a cab, it costs us 10 bucks for 15 mins ride frm the hotel.. Pavi was crowded and Q was in her hyper mood.. Had a tough time trying to control her.. End up exhausted.. Since the rain has stopped, we walked back to the hotel..

rain rain go away..

On our way back to the hotel we bumped into a vietnamese group who were heading to the same hotel.. The captain was carrying a lot of things plus the stroller.. We were exhaustd at that time and to make things worst the stroller accidentally terbalik while we were crossing the road and all the stuffs on the stoller went flying and fall off on the road.. U know what, the viatnamese group laughed at us! The captain was offended.. But i remembered watching anthony bourdain's show in one of his adventures in vietnam saying that viatnamese will laugh at u if u fall down on the street.. Its just how they are.. So it did not get the me, but the captain still couldnt get it.. Haha..

That nite we slept peacefully.. Usually q will have a tough time sleeping the first night at a new place but last night she was sleeping soundly...

nasib badan...
sunrise view from our room

The morning after taking a light breakfast we headed to the pool...  I was excited to get q playing in the water but unfortunately, that was when q got the trauma of her life (ok drama, i know.. Haha) the captain accidently slipped in the pool and they both were submerged under water... And of course after that q was wailing everytime we bring her inside the pool. The most she can tolerate is just sitting at the side of the pool and play with the water... Aiyaaa... I was frustrated of course as i myself is a water babe (babe sangat, hahaha) and i have a secret plan to bring them to an island one of these days...... Oh i mish u my lovely islandsss...... My precioussss islandss...

lovely pool

this is as far as i can go mum!


Afterwards we check out the kompleks kraf which was just beside the hotel.. There was an event called kerja kahwin during that time.. Actually the place is quite nice but there were nothing much to see or do there... What a shame..

We checked out at 1 oclock and headed to ampang to try out a steak restaurant in ampang called me'nate which i think is klantanese dialect which translates to binatang..... Its very near to SPCA in ampang.. As others have reviewed, the steak was good.. BUT.. The staffs were poorly trained and they speak limited malay / english... Total communication breakdown ok. It doesnt help that the menu is kinda sophisticated and not easy to understand for a layman and nobody there can explain it to u properly. Its also misleading as the price stated in the menu actually refers to the price for 100 grams of meat and the staffs failed to inform this to me at the time. So we chose the wagyu beef.. Of course it was delish but, i did not know it comes with price tag of rm200 for 2 sets!!! I had the shock of my life when i received the bill..! Luckily i got extra cash on hand. I think its not worth it for that kind of ambience and service that we received. That was the first and the last time for us..

the first time that i had wagyu beef

We cap our getaway with a visit to my brother i n laws house and reached home at 7pm..