Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birthday / Weekend Getaway @ LMKL

Last weekend we decided to celebrate the Captain's birthday with a weekend getaway. After much considerations made, we picked Le Meridien KL as our destination. We got quite a reasonable rate on Perhaps because of the school holidays, last weekend's hotel rates were quite high. We had actually zeroed out a few places but the LM's pool won us (me) over.

When we arrived at 4 pm, our room was not ready. I was quite disappointed but the wait was bearable because of the huge and comfy lobby with lots of seating space. Not long then our room was ready. The room was quite small for the price, but the view compensated that. We were located on the 22nd floor which gave us a clear view of the surrounding. We were able to see as far as the Berjaya Times Sq. Located opposite of the building is a new hotel called Aloft. It looked like a pretty cool hotel and i made a mental note to try out that hotel in the future. 

It rained heavily in the afternoon and we thought we did not have the chance to try out the pool. Luckily, the rain subsided at 6 pm and we quickly head down to the pool. The pool was reasonably big and it's landscape was designed such as you still can get your own privacy even though they were quite a number of ppl at one time. There is also a slide for bigger kids and a wading pool which Q loved very much as she is quite afraid of the deep waters. However just one problem is that the pool water was really really REALLY cold.. Even when it was sunny the next morning, it was still cold. So we can't really spend much time in the pool.. Perhaps because it is shaded by the building. However, it would be just perfect if u wanted to just lounge around the pool area and soak up the atmosphere.

pool time! yeay!

We had dinner at the Latest Recipe, one of the hotel's restaurant. It had a birthday promotion where there is a discount of 50% on the total bill if u dine with a birthday boy/ girl. FYI, this promo ended on 31st March 2013.  I was really excited to actually have dinner here as i have heard all the good things about it. Im especially excited about their japanese section. However, i was quite dissapointed to say that it was actually not as i expected. There were only minimal selection of Japanese cuisine - limited to a few types of sushi and and shashimi. I also do not have much to say about other sections. I think ive had better food at Concorde, Marriott Putrajaya and Pan Pac KLIA. 

After dinner, we decided to take a train ride to KLCC just to kill time. I had not taken the LRT for quite some time now. and i cant help but notice that the train was making really loud - rusty steel kinda noises which is actually quite scary. Q was also quite freaked out that she closed her eyes and covered her ears during the ride. The paranoid me cant help but thinking that a catastrophe could sooner or later happen if no proper maintenance is being done on our LRT systems. hmmm..

We arrived at KLCC at 10pm sharp and all the shops were closed :(  So, we went to hang out at the waterfront for a bit. Surprisingly, the place was still crowded with ppl just hanging out enjoying the night view. You can see all walks of life here and it is a good spot to do ppl watching :). Not long after that we head back to our hotel and get a good nights sleep as we were exhausted.

10 pm - still crowded
The next day we hang out at the pool again before saying goodbye to the place. All in all it was just an OK experience for us. But id have to say their customer service is top notch and the staffs are very helpful. I'm not sure if ill be coming back, but it was a good getaway for us nonetheless.

Happy Birthday Papa!