Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taiping Trip

Our last trip of 2012 (kinda) was to the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. We stayed at the Kampung Air where the rooms are built on the lake.. its a quiet place with a nice calming view suitable for honeymooners. However, its comfy enuff if you travel with 1/2 kids in tow.. just be careful to watch them whenever they are on the balcony. there are a lot of activities to do at the resort such as the water park, the orang utan island, the eco park, night trail etc. for us, we skipped the water park. we also skipped the orang utan and the night trail even though weve already paid for the tickets as we do not have enuff time to go there.

one of the activities in Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

I can't remember the name of this animal, but it made a very interesting loud noise. we spent quite some time here watching them..

we lost a lot of moolah to this place

fire show

The focus of our trip was the Taiping Town. To me, Taiping is a picturesque town surrounded by mountains (i think its the titiwangsa range - pardon my poor geographical knowledge) and greeneries. Love the old (i think) huge trees which can be found all over town and the oh so lovely Taiping Lake Garden. Our first destination in Taiping was the Taiping Zoo. They also have the night safari and i would like to try it someday. Love the Zoo - its blended with nature and it looked like it was sitting in a forest. what a nice concept. my last memory of zoo negara was like more than 10 years ago and im not sure how is the zoo like now but the layout here is totally different from the one in KL. if you're travelling with a small kid, i advise you to take the train rather than walking as the are is quite big. and also bring a cap and wear sun block if necessary as it can be hot during the day. the train ride will take around 45 mins to cover the whole area and after that u can explore the zoo on foot, if ur still up to it. 

Our next destination was the Taiping Sentral to have lunch. theres not much here except the usual watsons, chatime and starbucks. we had lunch at Kenny Rogers. after that we headed to the Museum. theres nothing much there and most of the items displayed are replicas.


imaginary slide

During our trip to Taiping, we also went on a food trail based on recommendation made on the net that i managed to google. luckily almost all the famous ones can be found through GPS! among the few that we got to try was the Mee Udang Mak Jah, Kue Tiaw Doli and Cendol Ansari.. 

Actually, we had some kind of a medical emergency during our trip. We were lucky to find the Columbia Hospital thru our GPS. service was quick and professional. Luckily it was not serious. However, it got me to think, what would happen if this were to happen during our trip overseas especially a place where language is a barrier. Im making a mental note to myself to always survey the nearest tourist friendly / english speaking hospital before going on a trip. this is especially important when you are travelling with children.

Well, that wraps up our travel in 2012 and our adventure for 2013 is all pretty much lined up! am psyched and keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smooth in 2013!