Thursday, March 29, 2007


this is going to be a jumbled up update but ill try to lay it out in chronological order..

last wik, monday; my everdearest kak mah came back.. woohooo! shes on a holiday.. ill be a free man in a month or two.. yehaaaa...!! no more chores to think of (and that includes ironing my own work clothes.. how bout that.. hahaha).. i just cant express how glad i am that she came back. cos im starting to get exhausted and frickin bored doing chores at home.. i mean, on weekend its quite alrite, but on workdays?? its unbearable.. anyway, im going to savour each moment of freedom by not lifting a finger at home. yes, im vain. a lazy bum, couch (bed)
potato.. hahaha...

erm, tuesday, wednesday, thursday was quite a blur.. life in the office has been superhectic. this is the result of trying to put chaos into order. i hate my workplace. but then, who doesnt? haha. all im looking forward to was the weekend. on friday, hmm. what did i do on friday ya.. oh yeah, a friend told me that ndji is in town.. and their doing a mini at ruums, if im not mistaken. and its free for astrosubscribers. dem man.. why la he told me that in the last minute.. if i knew it earlier, i wouldve had something exciting to do on a friday nite.. at least leh la release all
tension that has been built up during working days. dem. i can feel the crowd singing along to hapusAku.. aduh. aku tensi. anyways, later that afternoon, a former colleague called and asked wether or not i want ticks to the threeDiva concrt at bktjlil on sunday nite.. without thinking much i said yes and headed to pjya to pick up the tickets. dem i miss my old workplace.

so, on saturday i didnt do much.. went swimming (its been so long since i last went swimming.. and it felt good. orang pun tak ramai like i expected. bess!), had breakfast and watched tv all morning. in the afternoon went out a bit and have dinner outside... met my uncle while at it. dem. i sweat a lil while explaining stuffs. hell man, why do i always meet him while im berpoya2.. aiyaa...

and on sunday morning i went to my future hometown. :) to sign some stuffs. hmm.. quite nervous doing this. making the decision to a lifetime commitment is something not easy. everything went well. harap2 takde masalah besar in the process.. keeping my fingers and toes crossed. and malam tu went to the threedivasconcert with my partner in crime, as usual and 2 other frens. it was a blast!!! malysian singers are pale in comparison to the three of them. POWER HABIS!! and the live music also was superfantastic, out of this world. the musical arrangement is brilliant.. man.. i was stunned. seriously. ternganga aku dengar lagu2 yang derang dah improvise / combine / etc.. they deserve a standing ovation. and frm the three of them, wpun im not that into her, i had to admint that ttDJ has the most powerful voice. in one word, the show was incredible. the crowd was ok too. theyre decent and supportive. i can say the concert has a comfortable feeling to it. mcm ni lah yg kita mau.. takla kecoh macam stgh2 konsert yg aku pergi tu.. paham2 jelah ape yg aku maksudkan.

and so the weekend ends. im flustered. its always like that. friday nite is like wooohoooooooo!!!!" saturday is like "yeah bebeh" sunday is like "erkkk, so fast ahhh" and monday nite is like "huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". yes, i cry myself to sleep every sunday nite (metaphorically.. unless if i on leave on monday. hehe).... thats how much i hate going to work.

then its monday, tues, wednesday, and today thursday again.. my assistant just told me i had to do a 2 hour session with the new staffs. hell man. i dont know what to talk about. but lets save that for later. malas nak pk pasal tu skang ni. buat hilang mood je. hell. so. i guess, hutang2 blog seme dah terbayar. not that i dont have any work to do rite now. tapi tiba2 angin nak blog dah datang. cant help my self. i guess work can wait.. hahaha.. i really got my priorities mixed up i guess.

till later then. chao.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


wahhhh. nak blog...
tp tak sempattttt...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

OF 300 AND 5

plan aku pada hari ini adalah untuk tgk cite threehundred with my partner in crime at smmit, sbg dgn menggunakan kupon buy 1 free 1 yg aku jumpa kat intenet.. i think is a general knowledge that we are in the world economic breakdown right now (for me at least.. ehe).. so i thot im a samrty pantslah can watch movie for rm5 on a saturday (tong2 satu tiket ngan nghl.. hehehe).. rupanya cite tu tak termasuk dalam offer.. demmitlahhhh.. hampa.. so dengan duit 15 hinggit yang tinggal, terpaksala byr 10 hinggit utk tiket wyg.. dahla seme atm tak function sbb tgh upgrade system.. giles.. nasib baik ada tinggal 5 hinggit lagi nak bayar duit tol balik.. sungguh menyedihkan kehidupanku skrg ini.

anyways, all i have to say bout the movie is; WOW! mmg bes bes bes... tak sedar langsung yang cite tu dua jam.. tau2 je dh abis.. giles.. all the reviews i read were proven true. and i concurr that the movie is indeed beautiful.. after watching the movie, being the poyo that i am i surfed for anything that can refresh my memory of the movie and leonidas.. (he is so hotttt.. smokin') .. i was so shocked to find out that 80% of the movie was shot with the blue and green screen on the background. dan jugak 100% movie tu shoot kat studio je.. giloss.. and my, the set was damn small.. the graphic team must be tahap dewa2 punya lah.. and pelakon2 also, i cant imagine macam mana derang leh bayangkan tempat tu cam kat luar padahal nak kena berlakon perang.. hehehe.. tp mmg syok la tgk derang lawan.. the movement is so strong and precise.. gagah perkasa bak kat nghl. sungguh macho.. *grins idiotically* oh, this reminds me of one thing yang aku mmg tak puas hati psl cite2 perang.. dalam scene2 perang tu.. contoh cerita cam lotr, thePatriot, etc, camna la bila ketua dia bebel bagi kata2 semangat kat depan tu semua orang yg beribu2 kat belkang tu leh dengar?? tk puas hati betull.. biasalah. aku kan suka pk byk. ada lagi la bbrp benda yg aku tak puas hati tapi malas nak elaborate.. but then, all of it boleh dimaafkan la sbb cite tu bes.. hehe... hmmm.. ni mmg nak kena carik dvd nih..... nghl, menyesal aku x beli dvd cite ni masa kita mkn petang tu... huwaa....
so i went back that evening with 5 bucks in my pocket, and an idiotic grin on my face..teringt2 kat leonidas yang macho itus.. that 5 bucks is just enough to pay my toll back home which amounted to RM4.40. and i borrowed another 5 bucks frm nghl just in case if anything happens. macam la 5 hinggit can buy me anything these days.. haha.
klah.. i think im gonna get some shut eye b4 i wake up again around 1 o clock to catch the mosthaunted reality series yg tak berapa nak best tu tp aku suke tgk.. hehe..


Thursday, March 15, 2007


marah tau... ngiaowww

f*ckety f*ck. sepanjang hari dalam meeting hari ni aku kena belasah dan belasah dan belasah. betulla orang kata, BhgnKhdmatPengurusan or better known as BKP is actually BAHAGIAN KENA PUKUL. hell man. im so not the right person to do this. im just a normal person. seorang muda (ehe) yang suka berpoya-poya. and so do not like to jaga tepi kain orang mahupun mengambil berat mengenai apa-apa saja yang berkaitan dgn orang lain. there, u have it. as screwed up as it sounds, its the blunt truth. demlah. ull never excel at what u are forced to do. i think im doomed. im damn sure my performancereview will look like sh*t this on earth la i end up doing this. (actually, i knw why. haha.. but whyyy la im so stupid getting myself into trouble like this. feel like kicking my own ass..) hmm. sbnrnya aku rasa kalau aku betul2 ambik berat apa yg derang kata dalam meeting tadi aku boleh kena depression. this is only the first of many.... HELP ME!!! Tp tulah. aku kena belaja tak amik kisah walau apa pun org ckp kat aku. kiranya kalau aku still boleh senyum-senyum kambing lagi bila orang belasah aku, kira hebat la tu...... and then lepas meeting, semua aku flush down the toilet.. boleh gtu?

this cannot be. apa maknanya semua ini? hehe.. iye, this definitely means that aku kena perhebatkan lagi office politics aku to ensure that i have the opportunity to get out of this hell hole.. seranggg....!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


lately ni, aku cam enjoy lak dengar lagu2 sarahMchlachlan. lagu cam lek-lek je.. ala-ala tenang. tapi liriknya adalah boleh membuatkan orang depress ok. seme lagu2 dia lirik adalah sangat power. i wonder if shes the one yang mencipta lirik-lirik tu.. anyways, enjoy this one...


Hey your glass is empty
It’s a hell of a long way home
Why don’t you let me take you
It’s no good to go alone
I never would have opened up
But you seemed so real to me
After all the bullshit I’ve heard
It’s refreshing not to see
I don’t have to pretend
She doesn’t expect it from me

Don’t tell me I haven’t been good to you
Don’t tell me I have never been there for you
Don’t tell me why
Nothing is good enough

Hey little girl would you like some candy
Your momma said that it’s ok
The door is open come on outside
No I can’t come out today
It’s not the wind that cracked your shoulder
And threw you to the ground
Who’s there that makes you so afraid
You’re shaken to the bone
And I don’t understand
You deserve so much more than this

So don’t tell me why
He’s never been good to you
Don’t tell me why
He’s never been there for you
Don’t you know that why
Is simply not good enough
So just let me try
And I will be good to you
Just let me try
And I will be there for you
I’ll show you why
You’re so much more than good enough...


oh ya, lupa nak cite.. ari sabtu tu pegi poya-poya ngan milah zon tengah tgk mkhsn dan seterusnya sesi berfotog di tmpt feveretku, pjya. malang sungguh aku tk dpt bwk kam sbb aku dah discover camna nak ambik gambo yg aku selalu idam2kan..

anyways, mkhsn pada aku tak bes dan agak membosankan. he he he. abis lah aku kena bambuuu pasni.. but then, everyone is entitled to their own opinion kan.. anyways, ada la jugak part2 yg kelaka yang aku leh gelak. tp tak la gelak to my hearts content. gelak biasa2 je. i so the tak suka kalau dalam satu2 cite ada scene yg takde motif. yg tak membawa erti kepada kehidupan. cam tahapa2 nak buat gak scene tu sekadar nak memanjangkan waktu je ataupun buat satu2 scene tu sekadar nak buat gempak tapi cam takde kaitan n takde makna. so the hipokrit. and aku tak suka jugak kalau cerita tu takde kesinambungan babak.. macam rasa potong **** jeee.. hehe.. begitulah adanya.. aku tau korang seme suka. but thats my 2 cents lah. mind u that im hard to please.. :D

tp this doesnt mean that the movie is scrap.. dari segi lain its still an improvement from other malayProductions. and 4 ur info, i looovee Gbra.. despite a few scenes yg i dont think its necessary to put in. other that that, its fine. that story really got to me.

and in conclusion, i think we've had enough of this kind of malayMovie. now its time to move from orkedNFamily to another fresh ideas. cam dah agak buhsan dgn the whole casts.. so its time to find new faces. cukup2lah tu....