Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Just recently the brand spanking new Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 2 was opened to public. I did not know much about the new airport, just that it is supposed to replace the temporary Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) which hosted the low cost airlines; i.e. Air Asia, etc. Last couple of weeks, I went to check out the new terminal - my house is like a stones throw away from the airport and KLIA has always been our hangout place since we moved here a few years back. I went without any expectation but I was in for a big surprise. Little did I know that the airport comes with a shopping mall! I mean, if you stay in this neighbourhood, you'll know that this is HUGE ok. haha.. As far as i am concerned, it is the only decent mall in the district. Upon entering the building, the citygirl/shopaholic in me is jumping with joy and gleefulness (if there is such a word). Im glad that I have an alternative to spend my off days other than venturing into the city :D. Descent coffee place, loads of FNB choices and also my fav brands are here including UNIQLO! More information about the mall can be found here

Eventhough I have been frequenting the LCCT countless of times, I certainly wont miss it - I have always had issues with LCCT but im not going to dwell on the past :D.. IMHO, this airport could easily one of the most exciting airport in the region. I will no longer embarassed when talking with friends from the region who are using AA :). Well, enough rambling here, check out the pics below.. 


Jaya Grocer? In the airport?? :D

My Fav

Jelly Bunny!
Toys R Us
Opening Promo