Friday, March 15, 2013

Johor Premium Outlets, Kulai Jaya, Johor

Our local destinations has always been towards the north i.e. Cameron Highlands, Langkawi, etc. The furthest we would go is to Malacca Town. However, since we visited JPO last year, JB has moved up the ranks. So proud that the FIRST Premium Outlet Center in South East Asia is in Malaysia! :)

Getting there, its easier if u have ur own car (best to update ur GPS s cos its a very recent addition) - the place is really out of nowhere and theres not even a petrol station or other buildings in sight around the area. Certain hotels provide shuttle busses such as the Pulai Springs Resort.i did saw taxis queing up ready to take passengers out of the place but i do not know how much it costs from JB (probably a bomb). So i guess its more convenient to stay at hotels that provides shuttle busses or stay and shop packages. Normally these hotels also offer packages with Legoland trip.

One good advise that i can give is that (as usual) its better to visit JPO on a working day - it really makes a difference cos from my experience, JPO is very crowded on weekends. Some of the stores can be really crowded such as Fossil and there will be a que at Coach if there is a promotion going on (even though its still much more expensive than buying from on9 blogshops). It will be quite difficult to move around especially if you have kids with you.

Theres not much activities for the kids here except that u can 1) rent a kiddie car stroller at RM30 (deposit RM100-refundable) - its quite bulky and u cant really go in the store with the stroller as its crowded (so the hubs has to stay outside :P) or 2) bring the kids to the small outdoor playground - which can be really hot during the day. Hope more facilities for kids will be provided in the future.

Among the outlets that i think is worth to check out in JPO are:

1) GAP - basic tees are really cheap. i once bought a trench coat less than RM200! such a bargain!
2) Fossil - woth to buy - full on weekends
3) Body Shop - so cheap , u can stock up on ur bath  & body care
4) Charles & Keith - up to 60% off
5) Padini Group - kids wear - MIKI, Seed, etc
6) La Senza - good bargains
7) MichaelKors, Levis, & Pedro - worth to buy
I have not been able to check out all the stores though. Will update in the future if i am able to. in terms of dining, there are not much choices available here - there are only a few dining outlets. Given a choice, i would prefer to eat outside. Sorry, not much pictures cos i think i have lost them? hmm.. i really thot i have taken some pictures but i couldn't find them. oh well, will upload them later if i manage to trace them..

almost deserted. but its totally different on weekends..

Johor Premium Outlets®
Jalan Premium Outlets
81000 Kulaijaya
Johor Darul Takzim
Tel: (607) 661 8888
Fax: (607) 661 8810

GPS 1°36'11"N , 103°37'17"E

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