Friday, February 22, 2013

Sembunyi SPA, Cyberview Lodge

I've been frequenting the Sembunyi Spa way back since 2009 but i havent published any review on them before. What i like about the Sembunyi Spa is that their masseuse are professionals and very good at massaging. I've never tried any other massages than the Balinese Massage, but all my massages were carried out by Indonesian masseuse who are known to be good in massaging. 

It has been quite a while since my last visit to the spa and today i decided to give them a visit since ive been having back aches for a couple of weeks now. They had previously undergone renovations before, but i have not noticed anything else changing except that the gym has now been moved to another building. the place where the gym used to be is now converted into a lounge. I think the massage rooms could use a facelift - the massage bed definitely needs to be replaced.

Before the massage starts, you will be given a questionnaire to fill in to determine the purpose of ur visit and they will inform the appointed masseuse prior to the massage. As for me, im looking to relieve the muscle tension that i had. Before the massage starts, a cup of ginger tea will be served and the masseuse will introduce themselves - which i think is very professional. They will also from time to time during the massage will ask whether the pressure is ok or whether are you comfortable enuff. 

What i like most about balinese massage are the long strokes and direct contact with relief points with justttt the right pressure... :) after the massage, you'll be given a heat compress on ur back. and again ginger tea and a cup of pudding to savor at the garden bench facing the pool.... heaven.. :)

Apart from that, a massage will entitle you to use all the available facilities i.e. gym, jacuzzi, sauna, lap pool, etc. I always go to the spa on work days as its really difficult to find a 'me' time on weekends. Therefore, i always find that im the only patron at the spa during lunch time, which enables me a private time at all the facilities :) im not sure how it is on weekends, but i heard its can be quite busy. pls take note that there is no separate changing room for men.

today, at the end of the massage, the masseuse told me that my shoulders were really stiff and she had a hard time trying to untangle the knot. She also told me not to think too much or otherwise the stress can get to my head and i may suffer from headaches or catch a fever. hmmm.... it must've been because of the looming deadline that i have next monday. hopefully, after that the stress will go away as well as the back ache..

Lap Pool
Locker Room
Shower Room

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